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Store Design &

  • High-profit margin

  • Fast in preparation and serving

  • Easy to maintain and clean

  • Low wastage of food

  • Committed to providing quality, fresh and tasty snacks

  • We have millennials in our mind that we revolve our business concept around them

Business Opportunities

iCrepe is ready for expansion to open more outlets in Singapore and overseas.We want to work with people who are prepared to do things differently and understand the spirit of the business who would be the true ambassadors of the brand.

Our franchising program would boost the confidence of running a successful retail business which best fitted for entrepreneurs who are determined to success in F&B industry. Franchising Advantages

We will not leave you alone.Our program will guide you from site inspections, evaluation of the location, and renovation of the outlet to training you and your staffs in running the daily operation. 

Do not need to be afraid of being alone. We would work together with our franchisees to ensure that the outlet will operate independently. We would develop the advertising and marketing support in establishing the brand to next level.

We work as a big family. With our business model and business acumen, we are committed to making our business profitable.

iCrepe is locally made, locally flavoured and locally served. We want to invade Singapore with our high quality, fresh, healthy, tasty and convenient snack.


Under the iCrepe concept, we empower our customers with “iCreate”. It’s something that one would find oneself craving for regularly and never tire of.

Our philosophy is simple. We focus not on variety but quality. The product line is deliberately limited but sufficient to allow “iDiscover” and “iCreate” in its own unique way.

We want a store that stands out, not stick out. A place that can drive up the consumers’ impulse to buy. We need to have the sufficient space to evoke the sense of empowerment of “iChoose, iCrave, iWant”. We pick to be in places where we can be an asset to the people, shops and buildings that will surround us and we will be good and friendly neighbours.


  1. Contact us to make general enquiries.

  2. Fill up the application form.

  3. Deposit $2,000 to secure the desired franchising fees.

  4. Submission of desired business location which we will assess and evaluate the potential.

  5. Business Franchising Agreement – 40% payment upon signing of franchising agreement.

  6. Training – Induction training for one week.

  7. Fitting out – delivery of the equipment and handing over of the store for opening. To settle the balance payment including the refundable deposit.

  8. Store opening.

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